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Through Actions, Not Words, We Are Unrivaled.

Just Focus Cleaning Company champions exceptional cleaning services, prioritising a balanced work-life culture. Our guiding policies ensure professionalism, respect, and perpetual growth, embracing global best practices and freedom of association.

The health, safety and wellbeing of people in the workplace can be adversely affected by individuals who are unfit for work. The purpose of this Policy is to outline Just Focus requirements for managing fitness for work of people working for Just Focus. It includes details for managing fatigue, personal stress, personal physical condition, and alcohol and other drugs in the workplace.

It is the obligation of Just Focus to enable fairness and representation at work and the prevention of discrimination by recognising the right to freedom of association and the right to be represented, protecting against unfair treatment and discrimination.

Our organisation believes in, and upholds, the basic human right to live a life that is safe and offers freedom and opportunity. The practice of denying another human these basic rights through fear, exploitation, deceit or physical or emotional restraint for profit has no place in our modern society.

Just Focus recognises that any genuine commitment to detecting and preventing illegal and other undesirable conduct must include, as a fundamental cornerstone, a mechanism whereby employees and others can report their concerns freely and without fear of repercussion. This Whistleblower Policy provides such a mechanism and encourages the reporting of such conduct.

It is the personal responsibility of all workers and subcontractors to ensure that they are fit for duty and not impaired by alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs which may impair the employee’s ability to work safely. We recognise that alcohol and other drug abuse can have an adverse effect upon an individual’s ability to perform effectively and safely, therefore, endanger themselves, their fellow workers, and the public, along with possible risk to Just Focus.

Engaging early with industry can result in a better outcome for Just Focus and suppliers. Talking to local industry about the objectives being sought in procurement activity, along with the problem to be solved, can help drive innovation, enable collaboration in the solution design, and contribute to improved procurement and service delivery outcomes. This engagement is also important to ensure that capable suppliers are available, where they may already be committed to other work. This can also be used to smooth peaks and troughs and can mean the difference between being able to have a capable local supply market readily available or not.

To ensure that outsourcing arrangements are consistent with compliance obligations (legal requirements and other requirements) and with achieving the intended outcomes of the HSEQ system.

Just Focus operates under the principle of sustainability. Sustainability can be defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. The three main pillars of sustainability can be defined as social, environmental and economic, or people, planet and profits.

Just Focus is committed to employment, development and promotion on merit-based selection free from discriminatory practices.

Just Focus is committed to achieving the principles of health and safety in our workplace, we recognise our moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for workers, contractors, customers and visitors. This commitment also extends to ensuring that risk management is an integral part of the company’s approach to decision making and accountability, and that all personnel within the company are responsible for the management of risks that relate to their particular area of work.

This code requires every worker, whatever their job, to observe the Guidelines set out below, and to show commitment to Just Focus in return for its commitment to them. It provides a clear guide to appropriate workplace behaviour.

Just Focus will ensure that all work organisation and practices, the work environment and workplace culture will value, enhance and protect the health and wellbeing of all workers.

Just Focus respects the privacy rights of all individuals in the workplace. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that all Directors, management, staff and others involved in the management comply at all times comply with their obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

It is the policy of Just Focus to operate its business in a manner that provides and preserves a harmonious place of work for all of our workers within the bounds of the applicable industrial relations instruments including agreements and awards, and where all levels of management are focused on ensuring that all work is carried out with minimal disruption and with maintained industrial harmony.

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People employment objectives are to encourage and foster the employment and participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within Just Focus, either directly in our operations or through our contractors, maximise employee development along with the transfer of job skills and information in order to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff knowledge, independence, remuneration, job security and self-sufficiency, facilitate and encourage the direct involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees in determining career strategies, goals and objectives.

Our Organisation accepts the responsibility to provide a working environment in which the risk of injury or disease to its workers is reduced to the lowest level practicable. As a result, the company has adopted a smoke free workplace as per the requirements stated within The Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act. Consequently, smoking is prohibited in enclosed spaces or within five (5) metres of an entrance to a non-residential building e.g. bank, shopping centre, office, most outdoor public areas, in work vehicles, in education, healthcare and residential aged care facilities. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area during scheduled work breaks. Additional breaks for smoking are not permitted.

Where a worker’s work performance does not meet a satisfactory standard, an appropriate process of investigation and corrective action will be taken. The action taken will conform to the relevant legislation and accord with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.

Our Company will aim to ensure that inexperienced and young workers are protected from the risk of injury or illness arising from workplace hazards. Special attention will be paid to the needs of inexperienced and young workers because they lack experience and may not be familiar with workplace procedures. We aim to ensure inexperienced and young workers receive adequate information and training about work hazards and safe work practices. Our Company will ensure adequate information and training is supplied to inexperienced and young workers, along with ongoing monitoring of inexperienced and young workers employed by our Company.

Just Focus aims to provide eligible team members with a company vehicle in accordance with the business needs. This policy applies to all team members whose employment agreement includes the use of a company vehicle.

In our organisation trust and honesty is paramount. As cleaners, we are put in a position of trust. A team member who breaches that trust can put the organisation as well as other hard working, honest Team Members at risk. Just Focus aims to remain a stable place of employment for many years to come, and during this time be a source of job security for all of our current and future Team Members. To achieve this goal Just Focus cannot and will not tolerate or excuse any form of theft, fraud, dishonesty, or corruption committed by any Team Member regardless of position, employment status, or length of service.

Union officials can enter the workplace if the employer agrees for them to enter. Union officials can also enter the workplace if they have a valid right-of-entry permit issued by the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) and they wish to visit the workplace. There are many rules for when a union official enters a workplace. When a union official arrives at a workplace, they must show their right-of-entry permit if the employer asks to see it. They also have to show it when they want to access documents. If the official has a valid permit and has complied with the relevant rules below, an employer must not stop them from entering the workplace. If they do stop the official, they will be in breach of the legislation and can be fined. Union membership is entirely up to the persons concerned. Workers will be advised where union membership may be necessary to gain access to various employment conditions. Workers who wish to arrange regular deductions of union fees from their salary should contact the company’s payroll department.

Just Focus is committed to fostering a positive workplace environment where people treat each other and the community with respect and where sexual harassment and bullying are unacceptable. Our organisation will ensure that a culture of respect and appropriate behaviour is maintained at the workplace. To ensure that Just Focus is fulfilling its duties under relevant legislation, steps will be taken to: Provide suitable training in the identification and resolution of suspected workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying; and Provide suitable systems to ensure that workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying is actioned in a fair and equitable manner.

Just Focus Cleaning is committed to fair and objective conflict resolution and will not in any way retaliate against an individual who makes a complaint or participates in an investigation nor will it permit any worker to engage in retaliative actions. Retaliation is a serious violation of company policy and should be reported immediately. Any person found to have retaliated against another individual for making a complaint will be subject to disciplinary action.

Just Focus Pty Ltd specialises in commercial cleaning services which include; General Cleaning, Builders Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Steam Cleaning, Floor Strip & Sealing, and Facility Cleaning Management. We are dedicated to the quality policy that will ensure that our products and services fully meet the requirements of our customers at all times. The goal of the company is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction at all times. Commitment to the implementation of supporting managerial and business operational systems is essential to realising that goal. We believe in the concept of client and supplier working together in pursuing this policy and in continually striving for improvements in quality.

Just Focus Pty Ltd specialises in commercial cleaning services which include; General Cleaning, Builders Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Steam Cleaning, Floor Strip & Sealing, and Facility Cleaning Management. We are committed to a policy of providing high quality products and services in a manner which will protect the environment, this will include: Sustainable resource use; Climate change mitigation and adaptation; and Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

Our company believes in equal employment opportunities for all individuals and believes that discrimination is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any form. The company believes that workers/clients should be able to work in an environment free from discrimination.

It is the company's policy to ensure that employees with a grievance relating to their employment can use a procedure, which can help to resolve grievances as quickly and as fairly as possible. The procedure for issue resolution is defined in the Consultation, Co-operation and Co-ordination Module of the HSEQ Management System. Informal Discussion If you have a grievance concerning your employment, you should firstly discuss it informally with your immediate supervisor. Hopefully grievance problems may be resolved during this informal discussion.

Just Focus Cleaning recognises that there are substantial benefits to be gained from rehabilitation principles and practices and is committed to implementing them at this workplace. We recognise that the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 and the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulation 2014 provide the legislative support for workplace rehabilitation activities. Experience has shown that workplace rehabilitation assists the healing process and helps to restore the worker's normal function sooner. Workplace rehabilitation includes early provision of timely and adequate services, including suitable duties programs,

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